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The Best Event for Life on Earth as a Man.

The 21 Convention

October 2018 | Orlando, Florida

Think Bigger. Become the Ideal Man.

Join us October, 2018 at The 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida for an event focused on becoming your very own ideal man.

We have a legendary speaker lineup coming to deliver actionable advice on leveling up your dating, relationships, sex life, health, fitness, wealth, career, and happiness.

You've never been to a conference like this before.

Even though we've got the best minds coming to speak, this event is designed around the life-changing conversations you'll have with men in the trenches, building lives just like you.

We bake a tremendous amount of margin into the schedule. You’ll find we set aside time exclusively for you to interact with the men you connect with. There’s no rushing from session to session.

It’s more than a conference. It’s a community.


What's Included?

✓ FULL Access to the 4 Day Event

✓ Access to All ~21 Presentations

 ✓ The "Heroes Dinner" ($250 value)

✓ Party at Socrates' House (infinite value)

✓ Annual Pass to 21 University ($240 value)


invited Speakers


Anthony Johnson

21 Studios



Manning up Smart


Rollo Tomassi

The Rational Male


Hunter Drew

The Family Alpha


Ivan Throne

Dark Triad Man


Rian Stone

Married Red Pill

22791985_10107332490082942_1946749415180697342_o (1).jpg

Drew Baye

High Intensity Training


Richard Cooper

Entrepreneurs in Cars




  • 8:00am - Registration/Orientation
  • 9:00am - Opening Address
  • 10:00am - Speaker 1
  • 11:30am - Speaker 2
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 3
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 4
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 5


  • 8:30am - Speaker 6
  • 10:00am - Speaker 7
  • 11:30am - Speaker 8
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 9
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 10
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 11
  • 6:30pm - Heroes Dinner


  • 8:30am - Speaker 12
  • 10:00am - Speaker 13
  • 11:30am - Speaker 14
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 15
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 16
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 17
  • 6:30pm - Soc's Party


  • 8:30am - Speaker 18
  • 10:00am - Speaker 19
  • 11:30am - Speaker 20
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 21
  • 3:30pm - Q&A Panel
  • 5:00pm - Closing Address
  • 6:30pm - End

Orlando, Florida


For privacy and quality concerns, the exact venue location will be revealed in the summer of 2018 to ticket holders only.

Orlando is one of the top convention locations in the world with easy access to lots of restaurants, bars and hotels. Everything you need will be right where the conference is!


Ticket holders will receive a discounted rate at the convention hotel.

Once you've registered for The 21 Convention 2018, we'll send you the information needed to book a room at the discounted rate. 

If you haven’t registered yet but you’re curious about the room block and discounted rate, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!


Orlando is a ride-share friendly city with Uber and Lyft, so you won't need to rent a vehicle or worry about expensive taxi-fares (which are usually sky high in Florida).

If you do have a car during your stay, the venue has a car park that you can pay to use for just $X per day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how much does a ticket cost?

A: A full price ticket to The 21 Convention costs $1,799 usd.  This includes The Heroes Dinner (valued at $250) + a One Year Membership to 21 University (valued at $240) as free bonuses with your ticket. 

Q: Where is The 21 Convention?

A: In Orlando, Florida. For privacy and quality concerns, the exact venue location will be revealed in the summer of 2018 to ticket holders only.

Q: Does my ticket include hotel and travel accommodations?

A: No, your hotel and other travel expenses are not included with your ticket purchase. Ticket holders will be given access to a special group discount on staying at the convention hotel though - stay tuned to your inbox after buying a ticket for the group discount link.

Q: Should I book a hotel in Orlando right after buying a ticket?

A: No! Wait for The 21 Convention to e-mail you a private, group discount link to stay at the event hotel, for our attendees and speakers only. 

Q: How can I benefit from attending the live event?

A: There’s a BIG difference between watching videos and attending the event in person. The atmosphere you will be surrounded with allows you to maximize your learning and growth as a man in ways video can't. Put differently, you are about to enter "some deep ass water".

Q: What’s included with my ticket?

A: (1) full four day event pass to The 21 Convention 2018 of Orlando, Florida. You also get a free 1 year membership to our video streaming service 21 University, that houses all content from 21 Studios. Also included is a pass to the Heroes Dinner during The 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. You may also attend Socrates' private party.

Q: When does the event start and when does it end?

A: The event starts at ~8:30am on Thursday morning and will run until Sunday at ~8pm. We strongly recommend that you make arrangements to be in Orlando Wednesday night, and to leave anytime on Monday to maximize your experience. Trying to leave late Sunday night is not recommended (ask any of our 500+ alumni attendees).



Whether you want to learn more about the event, have a budget/travel/hotel related question, or any other topic of concern, we're here to help you in every way we can.

The greatest risk is not taking any risks at all...

Want to talk to a human?

Call us: (+1) 256 792 8212

Early Bird Ticket

✓ FULL Access to the 4 Day Event

✓ Access to All ~21 Presentations

 ✓ The "Heroes Dinner" ($250 value)

✓ Party at Socrates' House (infinite value)

✓ Annual Pass to 21 University ($240 value)