The World’s Ultimate Event for Men

The 21 Convention 2019

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New!! 2-Day Special Event


The 21 Convention

Patriarch Edition

Orlando, Florida, USA | one time event | Spring 2019


An Exclusive 2 day event for fathers, by fathers.

The best speakers on earth for men, focused on fatherhood,

family, and marriage in an anti-masculine age.

Full 4-day Main Event

The 21 Convention 2019

Warsaw, Poland | July 2019

21CON returns to Europe with 4 days of epic bad assery.

4-Day 21CON World Event

The 21 Convention 2019

Orlando, Florida, USA | November 2019

The 18th #21CON, the world’s ultimate event for men and masculinity.

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  Mike ,  Headmaster of 21 University

Mike, Headmaster of 21 University

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Remember this beautiful bastard? Whether you want to learn more about our 2019 events, have a budget/travel/hotel related question, or any other topic of concern, Mike is here to help you in every way he can.

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