Orlando, Florida, USA

21 Studios was founded in Orlando Florida, 2006, by then 17 year old UCF student Anthony Johnson. In 2007 the first "21 event" was held, the Under 21 Convention 2007. Since then 21 Convention live events have been held a total of 13 times, across 4 countries, 2 states, 7 cities, and 3 continents.

Our ten year anniversary is being held in Orlando due to it's founding status, our extensive 6x event history in Orlando, as well as it's vibrant night life and weather.

Our CEO also lives in Orlando, allowing even more time and attention to go into building the ultimate 21 Convention event, with less travel and logistical complications to manage.

Orlando is also one of the top convention locations in the world, in addition to having the largest university in the United States.

Meet beautiful women in Orlando!


And ride giant wine bottles!

The 21 Convention venue itself (revealed to ticket holders) has easy access to lots of restaurants, bars, and hotels right nearby + within the venue itself. Everything you need will be right where the conference is!

Orlando is also ride-share friendly with Uber and Lyft, so you won't need to rent a vehicle or worry about expensive taxi-fares (which are usually sky high in Florida).