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The World’s Ultimate Event for Men

Orlando, Florida, United States of America

October 24th - 27th 2019

Men are calling it…

“The Woodstock of the Manosphere”

The 21 Convention returns to home to Orlando, Florida. Experience 4 days with iconic manosphere speakers brought together to create positive media for men and to help you become the ideal man of your own life.


What’s Included?


✓ Welcome pack on arrival

✓ Full access to the 4 day event

✓ Experience all presentations live

✓ Participate in The Red Man Group live

✓ Attend workshops hosted by your favorite speakers

✓ Party with the speakers at Soc’s house (infinite value)

✓ Share a meal with the speakers at The Heroes Dinner ($250 value)

✓ Replay the video presentations at home with a Pass to 21 University ($240 value)




Anthony Dream Johnson

Unstoppable American entrepreneur, founder of The 21 Convention, CEO of 21 Studios, co-founder and COO of The Red Man Group. His mission is to create positive media for men and destroy the feminist establishment.


Rollo Tomassi

✔️ Keynote Speaker

Patriarch, godfather of The Red Pill, author of The Rational Male, hero of the manosphere, CEO and co-founder of The Red Man Group, co-host of The Red Pill 101, elite ambassador speaker of #21CON.


Cobra Tate

American-British 4 Time World Champion Kickboxer. Self made millionaire. The manosphere’s KING of “toxic masculinity”.


Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan, veteran speaker of #21CON, is the author of A More Complete Beast and The Way of Men — a straightforward, politically incorrect theory of masculinity that became an underground hit around the world.

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Richard Grannon

With over 130,000 YouTube subscribers Richard Grannon is damn serious. A Master Practitioner in NLP, he is fiercely dedicated to helping people defend themselves, survive, and thrive after toxic relationships.


Nick Krauser

Europe’s best pickup artist, daygame master, dating coach for men, blogger and author at KrauserPua.com


George Bruno

With over 120,000 loyal YouTube subscribers, “the Sultan of Silver” is easily the most interesting man of the manosphere. Patriarch, host of The 21 Report and The Daybreak Show, George is an elite ambassador speaker of 21CON.



Professional architect, patriarch, veteran and elite ambassador speaker of 21CON, author of The Map: A Personal Guide to the Sexual Marketplace, blogger and YouTuber for Manning Up Smart.


Ivan Throne

Bestselling philosophy author of The Nine Laws, veteran speaker of 21CON, patriarch, brilliant insights for a dark world.


Jack Murphy

A giant among speakers, Jack is known as “the most doxxed man in the manosphere”. A patriarch, writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of Democrat to Deplorable, returning speaker to 21CON.


Alexander JA Cortes

Trainer, Writer, and Speaker: Alexander is a multitalented fitness guru and modern day philosopher winning the minds of men and the hearts of women. Over 50 million women love him for teaching them “how to be beautiful”.


Goldmund Unleashed

A legend among legends, Goldmund is an explorer, teacher and coach, Indiana Jones of The Red Pill, and shaman of the manosphere. He is the infamous bad boy author of Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography.


Kyle Trouble

… is a former engineer who made the leap abroad to Eastern Europe, where the women wear heels and life is good. He believes that moving abroad is one of the harshest red pills you can take. He runs ThisIsTrouble.com and is building an EE-based olive oil company, Selo Oils.


Steve Williams

Steve "“The Dean” Williams is a frequent panelist of The Red Man Group, co-host of The Red Man Hotline, and founder of The Man Mindset.


Jonathan MLD

Jonathan is the founder of Modern Life Dating & a professional in human psychology. After completing his Psychology training at the University of Central Florida he became an expert in body language, mindset, and resides in Tokyo as Japan's #1 dating coach. A frequent panelist on The Red Man Group, he will teach you how to live the #hotdudelife.


More speakers to be announced!

Even more speakers to be announced for this event soon from our pool of 140+ alumni speakers and new speakers alike!

*All speakers subject to change at the discretion of 21 Studios or the speaker.

  1. ADJ

  2. Rollo Tomassi

  3. Hunter Drew

  4. Texas Dom

  5. AJ Cortes

  6. Ed Latimore

  7. Dr. Robert Glover

  8. Jack Donovan

  9. Dr. Shawn T. Smith

  10. Elliott Hulse

  11. Socrates

  12. Tanner Guzy

  13. Jack Murphy

  14. Alan Roger Currie?

  15. Donovan Sharpe

  16. Bobby Dino

  17. Richard Grannon?

  18. Ken Curry?

  19. Ivan Throne (w)

  20. George Bruno (w)

  21. Steve Williams (w)

  22. Goldmund Unleashed (w)



Orlando, Florida, United States of America 


For privacy and quality concerns, the exact venue location will be revealed to ticket holders only.

Orlando is one of the top convention locations in the world with easy access to lots of restaurants, bars and hotels.


Ticket holders will receive a discounted rate at the convention hotel.

Once you've registered for the event, we'll send you the information needed to book a room at the discounted rate.


Orlando is a ride-share friendly city with Uber and Lyft, so you won't need to rent a vehicle or worry about expensive taxi-fares (which are usually sky high in Florida).

If you do have a car during your stay, the venue has a car park that you can pay to use for just $X per day.



Final schedule will be given to attendees upon arrival.


  • 8:00am - Registration/Orientation
  • 9:00am - Opening Address
  • 10:00am - Speaker 1
  • 11:30am - Speaker 2
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 3
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 4
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 5


  • 8:30am - Speaker 6
  • 10:00am - Speaker 7
  • 11:30am - Speaker 8
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 9
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 10
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 11
  • 6:30pm - Heroes Dinner


  • 8:30am - Speaker 12
  • 10:00am - Speaker 13
  • 11:30am - Speaker 14
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 15
  • 3:30pm - Speaker 16
  • 5:00pm - Speaker 17
  • 6:30pm - Soc's Party


  • 8:30am - Speaker 18
  • 10:00am - Speaker 19
  • 11:30am - Speaker 20
  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break
  • 2:00pm - Speaker 21
  • 3:30pm - Q&A Panel
  • 5:00pm - Closing Address
  • 6:30pm - End


Annual Pass to 21 University


Your free annual pass to 21 University will give you advanced premium access to watch all the presentations recorded at this event as well as all our other videos recorded by 21 Studios.


Free Bonus #2

The Heroes Dinner


The Heroes Dinner is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a meal and to engage face to face with your personal heroes.



Soc’s Party


A night you’ll never forget and yet another opportunity to engage face to face with the speakers, staff, and fellow attendees of The 21 Convention.


Bonus #4

The Red Man Group Live


 Experience The Red Man Group. This is your opportunity to ask questions live.


Frequently Asked Questions


No. Although this event is designed for fathers, aspiring fathers are also welcome to attend.

Q: how much does a ticket cost?

A: A full price ticket to The 21 Convention: Patriarch Edition costs $999 usd unless otherwise modified. This includes all the bonuses listed on this page.

Q: Where is The event?

A: In Orlando, Florida. For privacy and quality concerns, the exact venue location will be revealed in the summer of 2018 to ticket holders only.

Q: Does my ticket include hotel and travel accommodations?

A: No, your hotel and other travel expenses are not included with your ticket purchase. Ticket holders will be given access to a special group discount on staying at the convention hotel though - stay tuned to your inbox after buying a ticket for the group discount link.

Q: Should I book a hotel in Orlando right after buying a ticket?

A: No! Wait for The 21 Convention to email you a private, group discount link to stay at the event hotel, for our attendees and speakers only.


Got a Question?

Mike ,  Headmaster of 21 University

Mike, Headmaster of 21 University

Ask Mike

Whether you want to learn more about our 2019 events, have a budget/travel/hotel related question, or any other topic of concern, Mike is here to help you in every way he can.

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