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The 21 Convention


May 3rd-5th | Orlando, Florida, USA

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Join us May 3rd-5th 2019 for The 21 Convention: Patriarch Edition in Orlando, Florida for an exclusive 3 day event for fathers, by fathers.

This special event has been designed around the life-changing conversations you’ll have with other men, fathers, and grandfathers building better lives for themselves and their families, just like you.

We are bringing together the best speakers on earth for men, focused on fatherhood, family, marriage, and divorce in a brutally anti-masculine age.

This event isn’t just needed. It’s absolutely necessary.

The 21CON Experience



 Hunter Drew


Chief Patriarch, father, navy veteran, returning 21CON speaker, and founder of The Family Alpha.



Veteran and ambassador speaker of 21CON, author of The Map: A Personal Guide to the Sexual Marketplace, professional architect.

Rollo Tomassi


Ambassador speaker of 21CON, godfather of The Red Pill, and author of The Rational Male book series.

George Bruno


The most interesting man in the manosphere, host of The 21 Report and The Daybreak Show, and ambassador speaker of 21CON.

Elliott Hulse


Strongman, Strength Coach, & CEO Strength Camp. Married, father of four. Father-figure to millions of men.

Tanner Guzy


Author of The Appearance of Power, proud founder of Masculine Style, veteran speaker of 21CON.

Drew Baye


Veteran speaker of 21CON, high intensity training expert, author at

Texas Dom


Navigator of the Dom/sub lifestyle, author at, returning speaker to 21CON.

Shawn T. Smith PsyD


Problematic psychologist. Author of The Tactical Guide to Women. I help men manage risk in dating and marriage.

Jack Murphy

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, + Author of Democrat to Deplorable, returning speaker to 21CON.

Ivan Throne

Ivan Throne-21 Convention-01.jpg

Bestselling philosophy author. veteran speaker of 21CON. Brilliant insights in a dark world.

Pat Campbell

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Alumni 21CON speaker, Host of The Pat Campbell show, talk radio 1170.

Steve Williams


Panelist on The Red Man Group, founder of The Man Mindset.


*All speakers subject to change at the discretion of 21 Studios or the speaker.



1,499.00 1,999.00

Early bird sale ends in…

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What’s Included?


✓ Full access to The 21 Convention Patriarch Edition (Saturday/Sunday)

✓ Exclusive access to filming of The Red Man Group LIVE (Monday)

✓ Experience all presentations live

✓ Attend included workshops hosted by your favorite speakers

✓ Complete access to the meet and greet (Friday night)

✓ Share a meal with the speakers at the included Heroes Dinner (Sunday night)

✓ Entrance to the Socrates PARTY (Monday night)

✓ Get exclusive first access to all the video recordings with a 1 year pass to 21 University



Orlando, Florida, United States of America


For privacy, quality, and safety considerations the exact venue location is only revealed to ticket holders.

Orlando is one of the top convention locations in the world with easy access to lots of restaurants, bars and hotels nearby our venues hand selected by 21CON founder Anthony Dream Johnson.


Ticket holders will receive an exclusive rate at the convention hotel for their stay during the conference.

Once you've registered for the event, we'll send you the information needed to book a room at the conference hotel. Staying here is optional but recommended for the best experience.


Orlando is a ride-share friendly city with Uber and Lyft, so you won't need to rent a vehicle or worry about expensive taxi-fares. All attendees should fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO).




  • 8:30am - Speaker 7

  • 10:00am - Speaker 8

  • 11:30am - Speaker 9

  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break

  • 2:00pm - Speaker 10

  • 3:30pm - Speaker 11

  • 5:00pm - Speaker 12


  • 7:00am - Registration

  • 8:00am - Opening Address

  • 9:30am - Speaker 1

  • 11:00am - Speaker 2

  • 12:00pm - Lunch Break

  • 1:00pm - Speaker 3

  • 2:30pm - Speaker 4

  • 4:00pm - Speaker 5

  • 5:30pm - Speaker 6

  • 8:00pm - Heroes Dinner

Sunday - Bonus Day!

  • 10:00am - Red Man Group Live Episode

  • 11:30am - Red Man Group Live Episode

  • 1:00pm - Lunch

  • 2:30pm - Red Man Group Live Episode

  • 4:00pm - Red Man Group Live Episode

  • 9:00pm - Socrates Party

*Tentative schedule, subject to change.

RMG 3-21 Convention-41.jpg

Bonus #1

The Red Man Group Live


 Experience live filming of The Red Man Group Patriarchs Edition. This is your ultimate opportunity to ask questions live and be a part of the red pill magic!



21u clear.png

Annual Pass to 21 University


Your included annual pass to 21 University will give you advanced premium access to watch all the presentations recorded at this event as well as the entire 21 Studios archive, including footage from over 15 live events!

Heroes Dinner-21 Convention-11.png

Bonus #3

The Heroes Dinner


An iconic part of the 21CON history and lore, The Heroes Dinner is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a meal and to engage face to face with your personal heroes and the entire convention of attendees. Food and access included with your ticket!

Socrates-21 Convention-18.jpg


The Socrates Party!


A night you’ll never forget and yet another opportunity to engage face to face with the speakers, staff, and fellow attendees of The 21 Convention. Started and led by ambassador 21CON speaker Socrates!


Frequently Asked Questions


No. Although this event is designed for fathers, aspiring fathers are also welcome to attend.

Q: how much does a ticket cost?

A: A full price ticket to The 21 Convention: Patriarch Edition costs $1,999 usd unless otherwise modified. This includes all the bonuses listed on this page.

Q: Where is The event?

A: In Orlando, Florida. For privacy and security considerations, the exact venue location is only revealed to ticket holders beginning in February of 2019.

Q: Does my ticket include hotel and travel accommodations?

A: No, your hotel and other travel expenses are not included with your ticket purchase. Ticket holders will be given access to a special group discount on staying at the convention hotel - stay tuned to your inbox after buying a ticket for the group discount link.

Q: Should I book a hotel in Orlando right after buying a ticket?

A: No! Wait for The 21 Convention to email you a private, group discount link to stay at the event hotel, for our attendees and speakers only. We will get you all of the necessary info, thanks for your patience.

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Got a Question?

Mike ,  Headmaster of 21 University

Mike, Headmaster of 21 University

Ask Mike

Whether you want to learn more about our 2019 events, have a budget/travel/hotel related question, or any other topic of concern, Mike is here to help you in every way he can.

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