The Mountain speaks...

"Since attending The 21 Convention, I've been stuck in a positive feedback loop of smiling at and talking to strangers. I call it a positive feedback loop because every time I do it, it makes me happy, which makes them happy, which makes me happier, which makes me more inclined to do it again.

This positive feedback loop I'm in has everything to do with how Founder & CEO Anthony Dream Johnson structured the event. He deliberately caps the total number of attendees at a much smaller number than 99% of all other conventions, which makes the 21 Convention more intimate than 99% of all other conventions. At any other convention, the speakers would be bombarded with a line of people and you can ask them maybe 2 questions without being inconsiderate of everyone else's time.

But at The 21 Convention, you can actually get to know the speakers and they can get to know you. And, I felt like the speakers WANTED to get to know you. Most of them encouraged us to add them on Facebook and everything.

You also have a chance to get to know your fellow attendees very well. This is amazing because if they aren't already badasses, they are very well on their way. The self-selection it requires to set aside the money, time, effort, and follow-through puts you shoulder to shoulder with guys who are serious about becoming the best they can be. Do you want to be the best you can be? Then come on out to the next 21 Convention! "

- Mountain Evan Chang

Founder of Chronology,  a.k.a. The Primal Professional