Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, 21 Studios  Founder, The 21 Convention

Anthony 'Dream' Johnson is the founder of The 21 Convention, CEO of 21 Studios, and architect of all 21 live events. The purpose of his work is to actualize the ideal man, and more broadly, build a universe for the ideal man; an ever growing sandbox for men to self-educate with and become the best version of themselves possible. Throughout the course of 21 Studios Anthony has built 13 live events across 3 continents, published over 2,000 videos, and reached 20+ million men.

Rollo Tomassi  (2x speeches!)

Author of The Rational Male

Rollo Tomassi, father, husband, citizen, godfather and one of the three 'R's in the manosphere, is a blogger at and author of three books in The Rational Male series.

He will be giving two presentations at The 21 Convention 2017, one on hypergamy, the other on positive masculinity.


Jack Donovan

Author, The Way of Men

Jack Donovan is the author of The Way of Men, which has become a runaway cult hit with men all over the world who are tired of hearing the mainstream media talk about masculinity as if it were something “toxic” that needed to be “reimagined.” The Way of Men draws on evolutionary psychology, human universals and what most men recognize as common sense to advance his gang theory of masculinity. The Way of Men is available in English worldwide, and has been translated into Portuguese and French. A German edition is expected in early 2016.  Donovan has been blogging, writing and speaking about masculinity and tribalism since 2007.


Relationship philosopher at Manning Up Smart

Socrates is a professional architect, relationship philosopher, blogger at, and author of Your Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace. He is among the most revered alumni speakers of The 21 Convention, known for his cutting edge, raw discussions on feminism, pickup, the sexual marketplace, and navigating it as a man today.

Tanner Guzy

Founder, Masculine Style

My name is Tanner Guzy and I want you to dress better.

I grew up in a family where a reputation mattered. It comes with the territory of having a unique name and, whether I liked it or not, the way I dressed affected my reputation.

When I was in junior high I made sure that all my T-shirts were from the BMX companies whose parts I owned or the punk bands whose shows I attended. As I got older, I learned that my clothing reflected more than just my status within my chosen hobbies and I had to adjust it accordingly.