Zan Perrion

Founder, Ars Amorata

Zan Perrion is a writer, motivational speaker, and life coach based in Bucharest, Romania. One of the founding members of today's "burgeoning community of international pickup artists",[1] he has advocated a more natural and enlightened[dubious – discuss] form of interaction between men and women. Perrion provides seminars and workshops through his company, Alabaster Communications Inc., and publishes literature and multimedia about relationships, seduction, and dating. In 2007, Zan played himself in the movie "Let the Game Begin" starring Adam Rodriguez.[2]

Brent Smith

Men's Lifestyle Coach

Brent Smith is an author, speaker, and coach in the areas of Dating, Personal Development, Lifestyle, and Business. He got his start as a popular speaker on David DeAngelo’s “Double Your Dating” programs and went on to create several books, audio and video programs as well as successful coaching programs for men around the world. For more information on Brent and his programs go to

Richard Cooper

Founder at Entrepreneurs in Cars

Richard Cooper is known as the "father they never had" from his YouTube channel called Entrepreneurs in Cars (EiC).

(EiC) was started to find a new purpose, and get unstuck in his life by combining his passion for fast cars, and entrepreneurship. He dispenses the cold hard truth about scenarios in inter-gender relationships, life, business, money and is about helping men become a better version of themselves and tuning into their intuition.

Richard believes that the path to a happy and fulfilling life for men is two simple steps 1) taking the red pill for clarity, and 2) only do work that fulfills and elevates us.  

Richard Nikoley

Author at Free the Animal

Richard Nikoley is a former Navy officer who spent six years with the US Navy and two on exchange with the French. He went on to become an entrepreneur in 1992, running a few businesses over the last 25 years including a financial services company, real-estate investment, and portfolio management. He currently spends his days writing the eclectic blog, Free The Animal, and managing his vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas.