Eric Von Sydow a.k.a. Hypnotica

Author and Coach for Men

For the past two decades, Eric Von Sydow has been a pioneer of the dating and relationships industry. From advising high profile coaches to teaching the average guy how to increase his confidence around women, he has established himself as an authority on the psychology of male-female interaction.

An author, seminar leader, coach and hypnotist, Von Sydow’s approach to self-evolvement is multi-faceted, innovative and challenging. His strategies and techniques have earned admiration from industry leaders and captivated the minds of a global fan base, earning him the title of “Inner Game Guru.” Visit Eric at


Drew Baye

HIT Author and Trainer

Drew Baye, alumni speaker of The 21 Convention, is a leading authority on high intensity strength training, has extensive experience training clients one on one, and is the author of the world's most popular high intensity training blog, Drew has also had the opportunity to meet and learn from the some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet regarding exercise, including Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, Ken Hutchins, Jim Flanagan, Joe Mullen, John Little, Greg Anderson, Doug McGuff, Ryan Hall and others.

Jim Flanagan

President at Resistance Solutions, Inc.

Founder of Resistance Solutions, Jim Flanagan is a widely respected figure in the high intensity training community, and is a legendary accomplice of American hero, Nautilus inventor, and millionaire Arthur Jones. 

Jim currently owns and operates "Jim Flanagan's House of Pain" in Longwood, FL. 


Christian McQueen

Business & Lifestyle Coach for Men

Christian McQueen is the founder of the authority blog on a man's guide to a better life covering a variety of topics ranging from dating to business to living the playboy lifestyle. He's also the founder of A Man in Demand Academy and Your Profitable Biz Blueprint, the step-by-step system to creating your own successful online business. He lives in New York City and enjoys long nights out, even longer legs on women and a good cigar.