Ross Jefferies


Ross Jeffries has been described as someone who not only knows more than any one in the world about how persuasion and seduction works, but more than anyone ever SHOULD know about these topics.

As a master-hypnotist, transformational healer and change-worker, RJ has been the subject of hundreds of radio, TV and print interviews, and has been featured in numerous documentaries. He was the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s outrageous character in the movie “Magnolia”.

Shaman, showman and always shameless, RJ will entertain your conscious mind while he utterly changes your unconscious… now. Visit Ross at

Goldmund Unleashed

Artist, Men's Coach

Goldmund is an artist based out of New York City. He graduated with a M.A. from Columbia University and then spent the next two years living out of a Ford Escort. During that time he visited 40 States and sold his photographs, sculpture, and writing to anyone who would buy them. He learned more about life while homeless than he ever did while in school.

After settling in NYC, he worked various jobs as an educator, freelance artist, and online entrepreneur. He is still on a quest to become a well rounded Renaissance Man.

You can find some of his work at:


Rian Stone

Born in small town Alberta, raised on a ranch in small town BC. I was your standard directionless child of divorce. Joined the navy at 23, and gained much. I built a love for 'old school' masculinity, and was red pilled in 2015, from an event called 'administrative violence'. Since being redpilled, I have moved on and forged my own path, and helped others by sharing what I've learned along the way. Bringing an old school image of masculinity to the new world, avoiding the pitfalls of fathers of the previous generation, and avoiding the lethargy of the current one. I currently moderate TheRedpill and MarriedRedpill with a bunch of switched on guys, enjoying the decline in Canuckistan.